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Karyn Rhodes, Hair Stylist, Makeup, Fashion, Impeccable hair salon,beauty,photography, wedding, film, tv


"A cut above the rest, giving you beauty at it's best."


Our Story

Impeccable Hair Salon is a private studio salon that specializes in the art of hair and makeup for all hair and skin types. Our creativity brings you one of a kind creations that are personalized for all of our clients needs: from casual hair to everyday makeup, from fantasy hair to fantasy makeup. We are located in the heart of the South Bay area and we also offer freelance/mobile services some of which include Film, TV, Music Videos, Red Carpet Premieres, Weddings and Proms.


*** Mobile Services are only available for my current contracts and my previous clientele.  Thank you for your understanding. 

Our Vision

"To give the client star quality services in a relaxing atmosphere."

"Star quality services!"
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