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All about the salon owner...

Karyn Rhodes is a Celebrity Hair Stylist/Makeup Artist who is the owner of her private studio Impeccable Hair Salon. She has over 32 years of experience in this industry which reflects her talents and skills. She has worked on television shows, R & B rap/music videos, red carpet premieres, editorials, photo shoots, weddings proms etcetera. Her work is nationally published in several magazines for hair and makeup and she has participated in several hair show competitions. She is known for her fierce cutting skills, showcasing her work by coloring, cutting and styling her own hair. She does a variety of creative hair styles that range from an elegant red carpet look to an avant garde fantasy look. She specializes in working with all hair types, precision cutting, weaving, coloring and putting that whip appeal on your hair. She is also a skilled makeup artist with a creative side that comes from being a natural born ARTIST, therefore creativity is a part of her which shows in her makeup and hair skills. She is always taking her talents and expertise to the next level while continually refreshing her portfolio. She is making her mark in the world by elevating her skills and mastering all concepts of hair and makeup, while creating FABULOUS work continuously by thinking outside the box! Therefore she is doing what she does best... CREATING memorable masterpieces! 

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